I’ve done a few pieces that feature Mexican boxers. Ancient Mexican boxers. These guys are full of energy and strength. They’re skilled fighters.

These boxers are Ancient Deities who enjoy boxing and the challenges that come with it. Typically, in the lighter weight divisions, they bring centuries of knowledge and survival in the ring.

It’s part of a ceremony, a lighter version of a battle or a sacrifice. Plus, they love the rabid, cheering crowds.

Additionally, they happen to be top notch time travelers. They’ve had the opportunity to observe some of the best bouts in history.

Ancients love a party and hanging out. They’re all about la pachanga and all the fun that goes with it. Sometimes it’s hard to keep them still, they especially like to dance once the music gets going, and the drink is flowing. I’ve seen more than a few TikTok videos of them out there dancing on in the middle of a backyard get together.

Unaffected by a mere pandemic, these Ancient Deities enjoy their daily interactions with mortals and everything that our world offers. Technology and crypto currency are two of their biggest interests and pastimes.

So, if you find yourself at a party with an Ancient or two, enjoy the experience and take any advice that they give you with a grain of salt. They like to mess with us. Always agree to a selfie with one of them. Just don’t entertain a pressured invitation to do some “fake boxing” or light, open handed sparring. Not good. No es una buena idea.

Especially next to a keg-o-beer. Driveway chingasos are a thing.

The monoprint of the Mexican Boxer shown here, Con Energía is currently on display at the Civic Center Library in Scottsdale, as part of the Arizona Breakfast Club’s 20 Year Anniversary Exhibit at the library.

Here is a link to the opening (virtual) reception:

This exhibition will on be on display from October 5 through December 31, 2020.