This piece is a little older and is a limited edition serigraph print produced at Self Help Graphics in East Los. The recent Nopalista movement brought it to mind.

Beto immediately thought of Freddy and started to cry because Freddy had been his compa since they were kids chasing putas in the trailer parks outside de Poston and by Quail Mesa.

We hadn’t eaten all day so we went to Doña Nati’s house to see if we could eat there. She wasn’t too happy to see us stop in on her…especialmente after the 2nd seis-pack.

Chapo tried sweet talking to her but the fact that he had tried to screw her daughter really pissed her off to no end. She threw a bucket of mop-water at him and called him an hijo de la chingada. Chapo laughed and scratched his balls as he took off his clothes and sang an old song by Antonio Aguilar.

Naked, he pranced into her kitchen and threw tortillas at us, then he came back outside and grabbed some nopales. That cabrón proceeded to make nopal tacos while prancing around vichi naked in front of Doña Nati’s house…all while he was singing a Norteña.

I guess that we weren’t hungry anymore – since we had eaten tacos courtesy of Chapo and Doña Nati.

There’s a certain canción that takes me back there, but I only hear it every 4 or 5 years.