Sometimes inspiration is like calling back the moon which has already checked out a while ago. It’s gone but the afterglow is still there. You can’t exactly see it or focus on it but you can see it out of the corner of your eye. Peripheral inspiration.

It’s Sunday night, I just got home from a gathering of Muralistas for Calle 16 at the home of the great Chef Silvana. This was a meeting of the minds and souls. A meeting to talk not only about the Calle 16 project but to talk about art, inspiration and more importantly, for the artists to connect. The beauty of this gathering was that there were no egos present, and if there were, they were promptly put to rest. We ate, we drank, we talked, and we inspired each other.

Evenings like this are what inspiration is about. In the sky above us, there stood a big full moon. The moon was beaming down upon us with a smile and intensity, then sat obscured by the occasional cloud cover for a few minutes, only to return and smile upon us some more.

Inspiration. Much of the time you can’t focus on it or look directly at it. I’ve also found that you can’t look it right in the eye, and if you do, it’s hard to maintain eye contact. It’s the peripheral inspiration that’s easier to absorb.

And sometimes the Muse herself needs inspiration. It’s up to us to inspire her. Easier said than done, I know. But through a collective consciousness, we can inspire her. As artists, writers, musicians, chefs and performers, it’s what we do.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of introducing someone to the Muse. Or vice versa.

Note: Stay tuned for more information about Calle 16 and the mural I’ll be creating as part of this project in the upcoming months.

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