Red thoughts give way to bold & brazen lust. Wet lust…

These are 3 Sirenas that I recently painted, which were carved by Luciano Garcia. Luciano is my friend (and fellow artist/paisano) Gennaro Garcia’s father. Luciano is an incredible Santero whose work I admire and was able to get him to carve these Sirenas for me, based on some sketches I sent him.

Currently they’re on display in my exhibit, De Norte a Sur, with Gennaro at After Hours Gallery in Phoenix.

These pieces are titled (from left to right): Vuelo, ¡Salud!, La Roja

Here’s what I wrote on each of their bases:

Vuelo –

She swam and flew to me and asked “what is your spirit symbol?”

Before I could answer, she flew to the sea where no one could follow.

I could still hear the question as she sang.

Was it a circle? ?Un punto?

¡Salud! –

Smiling, she raised her glass to those who doubted she could ever be free.

Under her breath, she laughed at the drunken bavosos and their caprichos nuevos.

She heard them crow like roosters as she danced, shook hips and tail solo.

For with un poco de enchantment we all toast to health and the unchecked mind!


La Roja –

She began to sigh as she thought about the mortal men she had encountered on her way to the sun. Drunkards, pirates and lustful malcontents on the road to ruin. Or perhaps returning from there.

She did not find them exciting – much less appealing.

Red thoughts gave way to bold & brazen lust. Wet lust.